White Blood Cells

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Hello friends what’s going on? I hope you are steel happy. Today we are discuss about White Blood Cells in human body.

  • They are colourless cells in nucleus.
  • They are larger in size than RBCs. And also number is less as compared to RBCs.

Leukocytes :

1. Granules :

WBC have granules in the cytoplasm.

They have nucleus which contains two or more lobes.
It is divided into three types :

1). Neutrophils :

They contain granules cytoplasm which obtain with natural dyes.

  • They nucleus contains 2 – 5 lobes.
  • Neutrophils occurs to the extent of 60 – 70% of total WBCs.

2). Basophils (Mast cells) :

  • They contains coarse granules as in eosinophils. But these granules stain blue with basic dyes.

The nucleus is kidney shaped or lobulated.

  • It contains Hepanin, Histamine, 85 – Hydrorytramine. Normal Range – 0.5 – 1% and total WBCs.

2. Agranulocytes :

This type of WBCs do not have granules. But they have single nucleus which is not lobed.
It is of two types :

1). Lymphocytes :

a). Small :
  • Occurs to the extent of 26% and total WBCs.
  • A nucleus occupying almost the whole of the cells, so the cytoplasm is less.
b). Large lymphocytes :

They are larger in size containing more cytoplasm.

2). Monocytes :

They are larger of WBCs. The occur to the extent of 2 – 4% of WBCs. They contain an eccentric nucleus which notched in the inner side.

Functions :

  • Protect against infections.
  • This is done by neutrophils and monocytes which energy bacteria. This is called as phagocytosis.
  • To acid in the repair of injured tissue.
  • To produce immune substances which defends against disease.
  • Basophils secretes an anticoagulant substance called Heparin.

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