What is the main Causes of Diabetes?

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Hello guy’s ! How are you ? I hope all you are steel happy and safe . Today I am sharing to what is the main causes of Diabetes.

It is caused by genetic make up, family history, ethnicity, health and environment factors. For fit every type of disease there is no common diabetes. Insulin is like a key which opens the locks of bodys cells. So, glucose(blood sugar) enter in the cells and it is used for the energy in our body .

The Role of Glucose :

  • Sugar has a bad reputation. But one type of sugar that is Glucose. Which is used for performing the operations of the body.
  • Glucose is the molecule which is known as monosaccharide. It is the basic unit of carbohydrates.
  • Many foods like fruits, vegetables contains the glucose. Also the glucose is the measure source of the energy in our body.
  • Our body breaks the food into the small molecules. Also it including the glucose and provides the energy to the cells. Glucose enters body stream and travels into the hole body of parts. And also provide the energy for the essential purposes.

Causes of Type-1 Diabetes :

  • We know that immune system, which is normally fights with harmful viruses. Also attacks and destroys insulin and producing cells in the pancreas.
  • This disease is also genetic type disease. And also caused by environmental factors. Many of those factors are still unclear.
  • Many of the time when age is increases with age. Then physical stress is also reason for type-1 diabetes.

Causes of Type-2 Diabetes :

Insulin resistance :

Due to the insulin resistance Type-2 diabetes is caused. When the body loses it’s ability to use the insulin then the type – 2 is caused.
In our genetic ability and also depends on lifestyle choices. Which plays important role in insulin resistance.


Lack of Insulin :

In this type pancrease doesn’t produce the enough insulin to manage sugar levels in blood. The exact cause is lack of insulin and insulin resistance is unknown.

Causes of Gestational Diabetes :

  • During pregnancy in woman body placentra produces harmones to sustain pregnancy.
  • This produce the harmful harmones. Which make cells more resistant to insulin.
  • Mainly, pancreas produce the extra insulin in body to overcome this resistant. But sometimes pancreas can not keep the ability to produce the enough insulin in body .
  • Because of this, too little glucose gets into cells and too much stays in blood. And also resulting in gestational diabetes.

Causes of Prediabetes :

  • In Prediabetes body is does not able to keep sugar(glucose) at a normal level in blood.
  • Blood sugar is higher than the normal. But it is not high enough to be diabetes.
  • When food you eat food it turns into sugar. Which your body uses the energy.
  • Normally, the pancreas makes insulin in body. It is allows the sugar in blood and get into the bodys cells.
  • But in the body, use of insulin is not in proper way. The sugar does not move into cell. It stays in blood instead. This is called as resistance.
What is the main causes of Diabetes?

It is the chronic condition . Which is mostly associated with those which have high sugar level in their body. Pancrease are also produce the insulin in the body. And also reduce the blood glucose.
Also caused because absence or insufficient insulin.
Also it have the inability of body for production of insulin.

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