What is CRP Test in COVID-19?

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Hello friends what’s going on? I hope you are steel happy and safe. Because of this is a COVID-19 pandamic situation. So, today we are going to discuss What is CRP test in COVID-19?

CRP is a blood test and it indicates the information about inflammation in the body. CRP is the test which detects the information about blood infection in the body. When the CRP level increases in the body which indicates the person who suffering from the COVID-19.CRP has not yet diagnostic value but it have been a prodiagnostic value.

We define the COVID-19 respiratory rate ≥30 bpm, oxygen saturation ≤93%, arterial oxygen partial pressure (PaO2)/oxygen concentration (FiO2) ≤300 mm Hg, and intensive care unit (ICU) admission.1

When CRP test is needed?

  • Doctors are mainly recommended for CRP test who are hospitalised for COVID-19. Mostly recommended who suffering from the COVID-19 isolation with moderate mild symptoms.
  • If your oxygen level is in between 93 – 97 then you might be require an CRP TEST in body.
  • But your COVID-19 symptoms level didn’t decrease in 5days then you really want to require a CRP test. These test is required when after every 5days your COVID-19 symptoms go to higher level. Conducting these test in 4-5 days is must important.

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