What is C reactive protein in blood

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Hello friends, what’s up? I hope you steel are happy and safe. However, today we are going to discuss what is C reactive protein in blood.

What is C reactive protein?

C reactive protein (CRP) is a substance in which liver synthesizes the CRP but in response to inflammation. CRP is also known as highly sensitive CRP and also ultra sensitivity CRP. CRP is a low-grade inflammation and also stress to increases your risk of heart diseases. It blinds the dead or drying cells and also helps in their removal.

The interleukin-6 (IL-6) is an inflammatory cytokine that stimulating the liver to produce an CRP . So CRP levels associated with an inflammation. A normal CRP doesn’t rule out an inflammation. 

Characteristics of CRP :

  • CRP is a polypeptide molecular also part of the pentraxins family.
  • Molecular mass of the CRP is 120, 000 daltons and consists of five identical sub-units of each one of these contains 206 amino acids.
  • CRP also helpful in children health.In CRP liver synthesizes the acute phase protein in a response to IL-6.In healthy persons plasma level of the CRP are generally low.
  • The standard level of CRP in body is 10mg/L.

Which diseases cause when level of CRP increases in the body :

C reactive protein

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