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Risk factors for type-1 diabetes :

The exact cause of Type-1 Diabetes is unknown type. Factors affecting which is an signal of an increased risk of Diabetes. It includes the :

Risk factors of Destination Diabetes

Environmental factors :

In this type diabetes Circumstances such as exposure to a viral illness likely play some role in the body.

Dietary factors :

  • This is caused by because of low vitamin D consumption in body . And it is also early exposure to cow milk and cereals before 4 month of age.
  • These factors does not shows the direct impact of Type-1 Diabetes in the body.

Sexual dysfunction :

  • These disease mainly caused with those people who smoke, nerve. Because of this they a have erection problems in their body.
  • This can usually treated by medications.
  • Because of diabetes woman may experience of sex drive (loss of libido). Also less pleasure from sex, vaginal dryness, less ability to orgasm, pain during sex.

Premature menopause:

  • In this disease mostly menopause caused at the of age 40 which is considered as premature. And this is may be related to immune disorders such as type-1 diabetes.
  • When you have diabetes then body just fights with your pancreas.
  • Because of concern with it is increased risk of heart disease. And Also increases osteoporosis and for some women, fertility.

Infection or illness:

Some infection and illness, causes the damage of pancreas.


With type 2 diabetes, when we eat carbs, they are still converted into glucose and transformed into the bloodstream.
But the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells are resistant to insulin.


Risk factors of Destination Diabetes

Can not change:

  • Family history (mother, father, brother, sister).
  • Age: 45+year or older.
  • Race : African American
  • Native American, Pacific Islanders, and same Asian Americans
  • History of Gestational diabetes (or body >9Ibs) or PCOS.
  • Member of high-risk population.

Can Change :

Risk factors of Destination Diabetes
  • Too little activity.
  • Being overweight.
  • BMI: More than 25kg (23kg for Asian Americans waist circumference. Men>40 inches (102cm). Women>35 inches (88cm).
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • Because of Smoking or tobacco use.
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  • Life style factors (Hypertension, physical, Inactivity, Depression)
  • Sleep Deprivation.

Solutions for the Diabetes that we can change the impact :

  • It is Increase the movement.
  • Lose 5-10% of current weight.
  • Choose healthier-options.
  • Quit tobacco.
  • Lower both with weight loss and moment.


  • In Prediabetes many people have prediabetes yet do not know it.
  • In this disease most report have a no symptoms.
  • It Take the CDC Risk Test(Prediabetes Quiz).
  • If at risk, talk to your medical provider then checkout from the consider a simple blood test.

Risk factors for Gestational Diabetes :

Risk factors of Destination Diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes have a BMI over 30 in woman body.
  • It having previously had a body weighing 10Ibs or more.
  • It causes when a close relative has Type-2 or Gestational Diabetes.
  • If your ethnic background is Asian, Middle Eastern or African American.
  • History of Gestational Diabetes in prior related to pregnancy.


How can gestational diabetes affects pregnancy?

Usually gestational diabetes is very mild disorder for mother. But it can cause some other complications throughout pregnancy in body.


There are 3 ways to control high sugar levels :

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • Diet is the best way to treat Gestational Diabetes. If the meal plan is followed, then 85% of patients will achieve adequate control.
  • The meal plan consist of 2000 calories. It is divided into 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with snacks in between.
  • It have simple limit for carbohydrates (sugar, honey, sodas, cookies, cake).
  • The American Diabetes Association recommends 30 minutes of walking at least 5 times a week.
  • Diet and exercise may control high sugar levels in 85% of patients. Remaining 15% people may need medication.
Medications :
  • Insulin is provided when diet and exercise don’t adequately. And also control high sugar levels, Insulin administration is in injection form, such as oral pills are contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • In this disease Insulin administered to mother does not harm the fetus.
  • Usually, after delivery, sugar levels return to normal and insulin is stopped.



  • Type-2 Diabetes – It have AIC level Above than 126mg/dl AIC 6.5 and above (on two separate test)
  • PREDIABETES – it have ranges from 100 to 125 mg/dl AIC 5.7-6.4.
  • NORMAL -It is Less than 100mg/dl AIC 5.6 and below.

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