Protein and it’s structure

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Protein is a micronutrients which yields the amino acids upon hydrolysis.
Micronutrients : proteins, fats and Carbohydrates.

Properties of Protein :

  • Molecular weight mixed polymer of a amino acids together with peptide linkage.
  • Chain of amino acids joined by peptide bond in a specific sequence.
  • Organic compound Contain C, H, O and P, S. Mixed polymer of amino acid.
  • Joined together by peptide bond.
  • These are found in animal products those always present in Sources, such as nuts and legumes.
  • Fundamental basis of structures and function of life.
  • 4 calories present in a each gram of protein.
  • Proteins makes a weight 15% of human body. It is composed of amino acids.
  • Amino acids are organic compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen or sulfur.
  • Proteins makes a weight 15% of human body.

Structure of Protein :

Depends upon the spatial arrangement of polypeptide chains.
There are three arrangements are possible.

Primary structure of Protein :

  • Linear sequence of amino acids a peptide or protein.
  • Primary structure starting with amino – acids terminal(N). And end with carboxy-terminal(C).
  • With the help of DNA sequences protein structure can be directly sequenced or inferred.

Secondary structure of Protein :

  • It is defined by peptide chains may acquire in spiral shape or may be present in zig-zag manner.
  • Coiling of peptide chains is called the secondary structure of proteins.
  • Secondary structure formed by hydrogen bonding.

Tertiary structure of Protein :

  • It is the three dimensional structure of protein.
  • Twisting and folding of polypeptide chains represents tertiary structure of protein.

Quaternary structure of Protein :

  • It is the arrangements of multiple folded protein molecules in a multi-subunit complex.
  • Variety of bonding interactions including hydrogen bonding, salts bridges and disulfide bonds. These bonds holds the various chain into a particular geometry.

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