Basic concepts of c programming language


C program is the set of functions.C program is the collection of header files,variable, Data type, operator, etc.

C language is the general purpose Computer programming …

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White Blood Cells

Hello friends what’s going on? I hope you are steel happy. Today we are …

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Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells(Erythrocycles) :

It carrying the oxygen carrying proteins haemoglobin that gives red color to blood.

Count :

4.5millions/ul in male4.8millions/ul in female

Life span – 120days approxy

Shape :

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Information about the Blood

Blood is a fluid connective tissue. It circulates continuasaly around the body. Allowing constant communication between tissue distant from each other.The total volume of blood in the body is about …

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Information about Crude Drugs

Introduction :

Information about Medicinal Plants Which are used as Crude Drugs…

Tragacanth :



Biological Sources :-

Tragacanth is dried gummy exdation obtained by preparing incisions on stems and branches of Astragulus releated …

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Top 7 strongest muscles in Human body

Hello guy’s, what’s up? I hope all is always well! Today we are discuss about top 7 Strongest Muscles in Human body.

There is no perfect answer because strength is measured in …

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Types of Muscles

Hello friends! how are you? I hope all are still happy. Today we are discuss about ‘Types of Muscles’.

1.Cardiac Muscles :

Cardiac …

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Muscles in the Human Body

Hello friends, How are you? I hope all are stay safe at home and stay healthy life. Today we are discuss about muscles in the …

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Conduction System of Heart


Hello friends! What’s going on? I hope all will be well and happy! Today we are discuss about Conduction System of Heart which …

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Anatomy of the Heart and Cardiovascular System

Hello friends,welcome to new information.Today we are discuss about Anatomy of the Heart and Cardiovascular System.

The heart and circulatory system make, the cardiovascular …

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