Muscles in the Human Body

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Hello friends, How are you? I hope all are stay safe at home and stay healthy life. Today we are discuss about muscles in the Human body.

  • Muscles are special structure in a body that helps us to over type of moment. Muscles that is normally controlled by individual volition, skeletal muscle.
  • There is a special tissue in our body, known as muscle tissue.
  • Contraction and relaxation of which facilities the movement.
  • Functions of muscles is to produce force and motion.

They are three types of muscles i.e. cardiac muscles and smooth muscles and skeletal muscles.

  • In this muscles cardiac muscles and smooth muscles are and involuntary control and skeletal muscles are voluntary control.
  • In this muscles cardiac muscles and smooth muscles are and voluntary control.
  • Smooth muscles fibres are placed in the walls of hollow visceral organs, without the heart, they appear spindle shaped, and are also under involuntary control.
  • Skeletal muscles are attach to skeleton. And they are in voluntary control.

Differentiate between Voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles:

Voluntary control Involuntary control
1.Voluntary muscles are under consious control. Involuntary muscles are in u consious control.
2.These are Somatosensory Nervous system. These are Autonomic Nervous system.
3.For example: Skeletal musclesFor example: Cardiac and smooth muscles
4.Constant rythmic contraction. Some have constant rhythmic contraction.
5.Multinucleated cells. Uninucleated cells.
6.Voluntary muscles easily tired. Involuntary muscles are not easily tired.

Functions of muscles :
Muscles are helps for person to move, speak, and chew.
Muscles are used for controlling heartbeat, breathing and digestion.

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