What is the Diabetes?

Hello friends, what’s going on? I hope you are steel happy. Today we are discuss aboutwhat is the Human Destination DIABETES .’ We know diabetes is a most dangerous disease. But don’t worry I will told you about diabetes.

It this condition body does not work properly. Because it reduce the level of energy in our body.

We eat many types of food which contains glucose or sugar. It is used for making the energy in our body.

What is the Insulin?

Pancrease is the organ lies near the stomach. It is mostly used to make a harmone called insulin.

  • Help to the cells for absorbing glucose.
  • Also provide the cells with glucose for energy.
  • Body does not make proper insulin. Also not proper use of insulin. Because of this sugars to build up in our body.

Types of Destination Diabetes :

Type 1 Diabetes :

  • In this type Destination body does not produce insulin.
  • Most of the people may refer to this type as insulin. Also dependent on types of Destination diabetes. For e.g., juvenile diabetes, or early onset diabetes.
  • Most of the people cause Human Destination Diabetes before their 40th year. Destination diabetes is gradually gets worse.
  • Approximately 10% of all Human cause are type 1 diabetes .

How to detect the type-1 diabetes?

  • People need to take insulin injections for the rest of their life.
  • By carrying out regular blood tests.
  • They must see sure proper blood – glucose level.
  • And also proper insulin and special diet.

Destination Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes :

  • Body does not produce enough insulin for proper function.
  • The body do not react to insulin (insulin resistance). 90% people causes Destination diabetes type 2.

How to control type-2 diabetes?

  • It is may be able to control by loosing weight.
  • By following healthy diet, doing plenty of exercise levels.
  • However, type 2 diabetes in typically a progressive disease.
  • It is gradually gets worse. Then patient will properly end up have to take insulin. It is usually in tablet form.

Why should follow the healthy diet?

Type of Destination Diabetes is Gestational diabetes :

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes :

  1. Occur when female during pregnancy.
  2. Some women have high glucose level in their blood. Because of this bodies are unable to produce enough into their cells.

How to detect Diabetes :

  1. Control by exercise and diet. But 10% to 20% woman will need to take some kind of blood – glucose.
  2. Glucose also controlling medications for Destination Diabetes.

What is Destination prediabetes?

  1. The most majority of patients with type 2 diabetes. They initially had Destination prediabetes.
  2. Blood glucose levels higher than normal. But not enough.
  3. Therefore cells in the body are becoming resistant to insulin.

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