Functions of Protein in the body

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Introduction :

Functions of Protein plays an important role in body. They plays an important role in functions, structure and regulation of tissues and organ

1. Sources of Energy :

Sources of energy is the first function of protein in the body. There are many Sources of protein. For e.g. Seafood, meet, eggs, Beans, Breakfast, cheese.

Functions of Protein in the body

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2. Structural and building materials :

In this body function of protein help make the proper structure of the parts. Cellular membrane, hair, nails, skin, etc.

3. Muscle Contraction :

It is also important protein function in the body. Action and Myosin protein present in muscle cells helps muscle contraction.

Functions of Protein in the body

4. Transfers protein :

Transport Protein transfers Haemoglobin is a oxygen. It carries small molecules and ions.
e.g. Haemoglobin =O2, myoglobin =O2 in muscles in Erythrocyctes.
Iron is carried in the plasma of blood by

5. Enzymatic Protein :

Enzymatic protein it act as a Biological catalysts. It accelerate chemical reactions.

6. Harmonal Protein (regulator) :

Insulin regulates blood glucose level.

7. Defensive Protein :

Some protein give protection against disease.

8. Receptor proteins :

9. Nutrient Protein :

Seeds of plants store nutrient protection for growth of germinating seeding.

e.g. Seeds protein of rice, wheat Oralbumin – major protein of eggs Casein major protein of milk.

10. Co-ordinated motion :

Muscle contraction, movement of chromosomes in mitosis, propulsion of sperm by floyella etc.

11. Mechanical Support :

12. Immune protection :

It is also the protein function in the body.

For e.g. Antibodies : Self cells, Non self cells.

13. Generation and transmission of nerve impulses (Receptor proteins) :

e.g. Rhodopsin – Light sensetine protein in retinal eye cells.

14. Controlled growth and Differentiation :

°In bacteria /Receptor proteins.
°Higher Organism – Growth factors, harmones.

15. Storage Protein :

Storage Protein is also function of protein. Sn plants protein are stored in seeds for future usage i.e. for germination. Casin the milk protein major Sources of amino acids for bodies.

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