Cardiovascular disease due to CRP

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Due to the increasing the CRP level in blood then it causes many types of diseases. Cardiovascular disease also caused due to the increasing the CRP level in blood.

What is the cardiovascular disease :

So, today we are going to discuss causes of a cardiovascular disease due to CRP. This is causes because of it laying down the low cholesterol level in the blood.
When level of CRP is 1-3mg/L is moderate risk factor of cardiovascular disease. When CRP level greater than 3mg/L then it high risk of cardiovascular disease. It affects heart or blood vessels, including coronary heart disease(clogged arteries).

Low risk of cardiovascular disease :-

Low cholesterol levels is small risk factors. High blood pressure (130/85 or above) smoking are the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. It is not a high risk of disease but it changes the lifestyle.

Moderate risk factor of the cardiovascular disease :-

1-3mg/L is the CRP level in blood. So, It causes the moderate risk of a cardiovascular disease in the human body. If level CRP is one then it causes risk factor only for the coronary artery disease.

What is the high level of CRP?

High level of CRP is the 3mg/L or greater than 3mg/L. If you cause the high risk of a CRP level then it higher risk of a development of heart disease.

What are the Symptoms of cardiovascular disease due to CRP?

  • Body pain
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA)
  • Heart disease in family history
  • High blood pressure
  • Due to the smoking
  • There is no movement of the body
  • Low HDL cholesterol / high cholesterol

What is the solution on cardiovascular disease due to CRP?

If you want to require how to decrease the CRP level in blood.

  • Follow the regular and Healthy diet.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Keep your weight in proper way.
  • If you have diabetes then manage it.
  • Don’t smoke and use tobacco.
  • Don’t drink the alcohol.
  • Manage your cholesterol level.

Conclusion :

Cardiovascular disease is the most dangerous disease in the world. Because it also causes the death of body. It is not depend on how it is developed in body but it depends on the what are the higher risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is also reduced to making good habits from the childhood. And also reduced by using the biomakers.

Cardiovascular system in human body.

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