Information about the Blood

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Blood is a fluid connective tissue. It circulates continuasaly around the body. Allowing constant communication between tissue distant from each other.
The total volume of blood in the body is about 6h.
Blood is alkaline fluid with a pH of about 7.4.
The specific gravity of blood is about 1.055.

Function of blood :

  • It transport O2 and nutrients to various tissues.
  • It transport waste products to organs of excetion.
  • It carries harmones from endocrine gland to various tissues.
  • It redistribute water from one part of the body to other.
  • It contains antibodies and while blood cells which protect the body from diseases.
  • Clotting of blood protects against haenarrhage.

Composition of blood :

Blood contains a fluid called plasma. Which is the cellular elements of blood are suspended.

Physical characteristics of blood :

  • Blood is dense and more viscover than water and feels slightly sticky.
  • The temperature of blood is 38 c (100 micro farred) about 1 degree celcius.
  • It has a slightly alkaline pH ranging from 7.35 to 7.45 amounting to 8% of the total body mass.
  • The body volume is 5 to 6 like ( in an average sized adult mass) and 6 to 7 like in an average sized about female.

Cellular Components of Blood :

  1. Red blood Cells (Erythrocycles)
  2. White blood Cells (Leucocytes)
  3. Platetels (Thrombocytes)

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